Posted by: duskfire | December 15, 2009

yes, another blog about Linux and games

Hello, I’m starting this blog to discuss my computing interests. I use Linux Mint 8 on an HP Pavillion 17″ laptop, with a ATI Radeon 3200 card. I really enjoy games of several types, so I’ve decided to focus on that to start with.
Initial plans are to review/rant on games that are native to Linux, as well as indie games I’ve heard about, mmorpgs I’m trying out, and perhaps do some programming. Eventually I’m going to be learning C++ and Python.  If I run into problems using Mint, or find out some cool tips, I’ll share those as well.
I do use the wine software to play games that have no Linux version, and many of my reviews will discuss how well they run.

My experience using Linux goes back to 2001, when I got started with Mandrake 8 (now known as Mandriva). I’ve used several different distributions – Mandrake, PCLinuxOS, Fedora, and MEPIS, but this is my first time using Linux Mint. Today is only the 3rd day I’ve been using it and I’m pretty happy so far.  I don’t consider myself a free software fanatic – I like my mp3’s and watching things on Youtube just like many others do.

Upcoming over the next few weeks, discussion of the game Planeshift (it recently upgraded to a new version), Regnum Online (which I played briefly over a year ago), and some independent Windows games that are mentioned in some of the gaming blogs I read.


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