Posted by: duskfire | December 16, 2009

okay, so my sound problem came back on the old machine…

Well, this is interesting. I actually have two laptops, the older one is a 4 year old Gateway p.o.c. that I had installed PCLinuxOS onto last week. I had tried to use Ubuntu, however I was unable to get sound working no matter what I tried.  In desperation, I figured a completely different distro might work, and yes, PCLinuxOS was a success – I had sound working fine 5 minutes after the installation.

Not wanting to just be happy with 2 laptops running Linux, I figured today that I’d put Linux Mint on the old beast, so that both computers would be running the same distribution.  Of course, I lost the sound again. I’m betting there’s something in Ubuntu that is the issue here. I’m motivated to figure it out for good this time, because it would be cool to have 2 machines running the same Linux. This one has an old crappy Intel integrated video chip – under Windows XP, it ran World of Warcraft (albeit with lag), but not really anything else. Even Anarchy Online was no fun because the lag was awful.

I hope I can get this one working (this post is being written on it), because I want to be able to let people know which Linux games run on mediocre hardware.



  1. your solution:
    rm *

    have a pleasant to-morrow

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