Posted by: duskfire | December 29, 2009

Post-Christmas update

Well, the new laptop kept having some conflict with the ATI Radeon card it uses, in Linux (Ubuntu / Mint). Not sure how to fix it; might have to wait for a new version of the ATI driver.  It would often start up saying “Ubuntu detected a problem and is running in low-graphics mode”. Even though there didn’t seem to be a problem, this got annoying and for now, I’ve removed Linux on that laptop.

Before that, I did try out a few games on it…

Sauerbraten, an FPS, didn’t seem to work at all. The screen totally froze at the initial menu screen.
Regnum Online: The game seemed to run fine, except that soon after every time it started, I lost sound completely. I can’t give it a proper review until I solve that problem. There are not a lot of quests, but for a free game it isn’t too bad.
Warzone 2100: So far, this is the best game I’ve found. The graphics are really good, and can be adjusted for your monitor’s resolution. There are forums at the game’s website, and it seems to play like Starcraft. Sound effects are good. Definitely one I will be returning to and completing.

On the old machine, I’ve also tried a few games:

Lincity, ASC, and Glest didn’t want to run from the startmenu list. Perhaps the installation didn’t enable them. I’ll investigate further.  Crimson Fields looks promising, but the map and unit sizes are small. I will be playing this game further. Sauerbraten seems to run, but slowly and sound isn’t working. The slowness could be due to KDE on this old machine.


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