Posted by: duskfire | December 5, 2010

whoops ! it’s been HOW long ?

Wow I got incredibly lazy didn’t I?
Keeping up a blog monthly is probably not too hard, but I just fell out of the habit pretty quickly.
So what brought me back ? Well, games did. I’ve always wanted to find out what free MMORPGs ran using the Wine software. There are several ones out there that I like to play when I use Windows.  Recently I did try to run installers for some of them, with no luck.
BUT….while browsing the winehq Apps list, I came across a reference to getting one game from a download site that I found contains FULL Clients for nearly all the games I wanted to try.  So I may well have better luck getting them to run than when I was using the official tiny “launch a downloader first” exe files. MMORPGS, for those of you who don’t know, are role playing games that let dozens – or hundreds – of real people play in the same “game world/area”. You don’t really “win” such games, you simply keep improving the character you made – better abilities, armor and weapons, to fight tougher and tougher monsters.

A few hours later: All right… I have downloaded a few game clients – 2029 Online, Grand Fantasia, Karos Online, Knight Online, and Red Stone. There are a few others that are more than 1 GB each, which I will get later. I’m going to see which of these I can install, and report back tomorrow. Maybe even with screenshots !!



  1. welcome back dude!

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