Posted by: duskfire | December 6, 2010

Well this is great…if you like “cute”

Okay, so the only game I really got running from the group downloaded is called Grand Fantasia. It isn’t really BAD, but it is not realistic looking, and is “cute”. I can’t criticise it too badly, the damn thing is free.

See what I mean ?

In order to get Grand Fantasia to work, I changed the winecfg to turn OFF pixel shading, and put sound onto “Alsa” instead of “OSS”. Although that gave me some HDMI Alsamixer error message, nothing actually didn’t work. Full sound, both in the game and in regular operations elsewhere.  The game doesn’t seem to lag at all, and I haven’t seen graphical glitches so far.

I also tried Shaiya Online, by the same company, but while it does install and run, your character seems like a black shadow. Must be a shading thing.  I’m going to continue trying to find games that work. My criterion is…will it install AND RUN under a mostly vanilla “wine” install, with minimal tweaking after that ? Two tweaks seems pretty easy to me.


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