Posted by: duskfire | December 10, 2010

Bang, Bang, you’re dead !

This time I’m going to take a 2-part look at the first person shooting games that are available natively for Ubuntu or Mint Linux users. There are 7 main online FPS games in the repositories, plus some obscure ones. I’m going to discuss Warsow, Open Arena, and Alien Arena in this post, and in the next one discuss Nexuiz, Assault Cube, Tremulous, and Sauerbraten. All of these games are cross-platform so that if your friends haven’t yet upgraded their computer from Windows to Linux, you can still play alongside them.

Here’s where I’m coming from with FPS games – I enjoyed playing Quake, Quake 2, and Unreal back when they were brand new. I usually don’t enjoy the tournament/arena style, preferring single player mode. Unfortunately for me, all of the Linux FPS games emphasize the Quake 3 Arena style multi-player mode of play, although various levels of single-player are available. They offer many options to customize your avatar’s appearance, allow you to re-map your key bindings, and tweak your graphical settings. You can choose to play full-screen, or in a window. The typical map is sterile interiors that you have to really memorize, and react instantly to the opposing players in your game. Whichever games you decide to play, you WILL need to read the manual, or the game wiki, to learn any special moves and to recognize what weapons and powerups you see during the game.

Much to my surprise, I really enjoyed playing these games, and do plan to keep 3 or 4 on my laptop for awhile.

Warsow, Open Arena, Alien Arena:

Warsow looks completely different from all the other games; its artwork uses cel-shading instead of more realistic looking interiors. Very nice. The tutorial section uses voice-overs that seemed a little rough. This game is supposed to have a single player option but its hard to find

Open Arena – the “Mission Pack” doesn’t seem to have any content (but it does admit to being a work in progress). The single player offers very addictive game play against bots, with a large number of avatar choices and maps. Definitely one I will be playing more.

Alien Arena – difficult to find a server to join. Single player is good, but I preferred Open Arena. AA’s gameplay seems to be much more intense and stressful than OA is.

(for Alien Arena, I took 8 screenshots, but can’t find where they were stored. The official site has pictures that show what the game looks like)


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