Posted by: duskfire | December 12, 2010

Bang Bang, part 2

AssaultCube, Nexuiz, Tremulous, Sauerbraten:

AssaultCube – the regular repos have an outdated client; you can only play single player.I discovered by accident that if you add the “getdeb” repositories, it includes the more recent client which will allow you to play multiplayer. There are more than 20 maps !

(Adding unofficial repositories is risky but will add many more applications to those you can install.)

image from Assault Cube

Nexuiz – limited single player campaign. Many of the servers on multi have no players. It’s a good game, but it might take a little searching to find a good group to play with.

Tremulous – There is no single player mode, due to the nature of the game. In the one, you can play as an alien or human (if slots are empty). Slots are not always available. Alien has a different visual and requires a bit different playstyle.  You must “build” structures and upgrade your human or alien to get stronger attacks or better defensive structures.

Action seems very fast-paced.  You can adjust the graphics quality but it doesn’t offer a “windowed” mode. There is a wiki. You can “spectate” – watch the game either on your own, or following a specific player. That helps you learn strategy.

Sauerbraten – This has a rather good single player option (campaign) 4 maps. Multiplayer, like most of these games, is fast paced and you die often.



  1. what, no DOOM? 😉
    looks good T

  2. My big complaint about Sauerbraten is that there is no plot, though the single player was fun. Be warned, playstyles that work in single player WILL get you killed right quick online.

    Also Nexuiz has been forked, due to the name getting sold to a closed-source company.

    • Yes, at the time of this blog post I didn’t go into detail about Xonotic (the open source Nexuiz fork). Very few distros seem to include it in their repositories, although Mageia 2 is one exception.

      • This will probably change over time. Distros, particularly Debian, are slow to update.

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