Posted by: duskfire | December 12, 2010

more MMORPG fun?

Okay, I wanted to add some more notes on MMORPGs.  I didn’t make it clear before but Grand Fantasia (and most others) will not run if you haven’t installed whatever hardware drivers you have (proprietary ATI or NVidia).  Also – usually when you download a Windows executable file, it is not set to run at first. You’ll have to right-click the file, select “Properties”, then select the “Permissions” tab (3rd) and check the box labeled “Execute (allow executing file as program)”.

I have also tried to install a few more Windows games with no success. Silkroad Online (which was one of the first ones I ever played !), Dream of Mirror Online, Neo Steam, and Wolf Team all seem to either not want to install, or had a protection scheme that just doesn’t like Wine (GameGuard or nProtect.)  There are a few more still to try – one thing to remember with all of these is, you really have to get the full client install – the normal one that you typically find on the game sites just won’t work right (they are less than 5 megabytes in size).

There is an MMORPG that has a native Linux client, Regnum Online. It is an Argentinian game but has an English-language executable and server to join. I really wanted to like it, but there are a few things that get in the way. On the positive side, it’s a game emphasizing realm versus realm combat – so you have to decide which of the 3 realms you want to be a part of, since all your characters must be in the same one. You can select from an northern snowy area, a forested realm, or one that is very hot and desert-like. You have the usual mage, archer, warrior type classes to try out.

However,  you can’t jump at all in this game. I also think that you aren’t allowed to swim. It’s full screen only. The worst aspect of this seems to be awkward controls. It just doesn’t seem to play smoothly. I will keep playing to see if things improve but I can’t suggest trying it for now.



  1. Just FYI: Warcrack works perfectly, and there are lots of guides on it. About 5 years ago, a freind wanted to remove all the spyware from his computer, and he’d had Limewire on it, so yeah, reinstall time. However, he didn’t have a copy of windows, and it was something like a PIII 500 MHz, or low end P4, so Ubuntu time. I managed to get it working, as there was *lots* of Wine documentation for it. You’d think people were addicted to it or something.

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