Posted by: duskfire | December 19, 2010

Does it ever rain in Rivendell?

I wonder, because when my dwarf Champion rode from Bree to the east, it was raining the entire trip. Until Rivendell, where the rain stopped just after I started coming down the high trail into the valley.  (I am using the standard resolution client for LoTRO, to save strain on my laptop. It ought to run fine in high-resolution mode)

Yes, the MMORPG Lord of the Rings Online runs excellently under Linux with the use of wine and a Python launch script. It didn’t take much work.

And here is me, inside, at ease with the famous:

Visible behind the pictures is a link for Meridian 59, one of the first two massively multiplayer games EVER. I sent in an application to join, and it will be amusing to see if the game runs. Very few people still play, but the servers are kept running.



  1. Did you ever get into Meridian 59?

    • No, I didn’t. They never responded to my email. I didn’t have enough interest to pursue the matter.
      EDIT: As of July 4 2012, the official site now seems to have malware on it.

  2. The official site does not have malware on it.

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