Posted by: duskfire | January 1, 2011

Logic and Puzzle games

There are at least 50 logic or puzzle type games available for Linux. Unfortunately, quite a few have mediocre graphics, or poor gameplay. To make matters worse, documentation is extremely difficult to find even for the better games.  In this post, I’m going to highlight the games that caught my attention and deserve a chance.  A “W” next to a title indicates that there is a Windows version of this game available.

(These games are available through the regular repositories, not the extra Getdeb one.)

Angry Drunken Dwarves (W) – One of the many “falling block” games, this features decent graphics, windowed mode, and several styles of play.

Atomix – based on an old computer game for the Amiga, you maneuver atoms together to form molecules. The challenge lies in the fact that the atoms move as far as they can in the direction you picked.

Berusky – Using up to 5 beetles, you have to grab a key in each level and open the door to leave. Dynamite and barrels can be moved around to open up spaces. Later on, pickaxes and rocks are added to the mix. Part of the challenge is to use the fewest number of steps. The only downside is that the save system uses passwords, which you must write down.

Crack Attack (W) – one of the well known games on Linux, it deserves its high marks. Very addictive play, good music, great graphics. A “falling blocks” game.

Enigma (W)– Excellent time-based game featuring some of the best 2d graphics I have seen. Lots of levels, and you can choose to play any level. Moving the marble takes a bit of getting used to.

Frozen Bubble (W) – Another one of the best known games. Incredible graphics, level editor, different modes of play make this a must have. 100 levels in the 1 player section.

Fish Fillets: NG – fun little game, using 2 sizes of fish to get through 70 levels. Choices of which level to do next. A port from a commercial game (NG stands for Next Generation).

Gweled – A basic Bejeweled clone. Not bad, but lacking many features of the Windows versions. There is also KDiamond, which at least gives you a choice of 4 themes (3 come with the game).

Hexahop (W) – Very fun and challenging game. one of my favorites. Graphics are quite good.

Mahjongg (W) – 9 maps and 2 tile sets. Another favorite.  Several Windows versions exist, but some are not free.

Pipewalker – cross platform version of Netwalk, where you have a main computer server and have to connect all the terminals to it. Lots of connections, so be prepared to spend some time on each level.



  1. It is interesting how many of these are based on other games; It seems that Linux has lots of good programmers, but not many really good *game developers*.

    • That observation holds true for all genres, unfortunately.

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