Posted by: duskfire | February 13, 2011

I guess it’s back to 32

Well. A few weeks ago I mentioned I moved up to 64-bit Linux. For the most part there are no problems with 64 bit, in fact one of my emulators finally worked correctly. I am now back on 32 and the screenshot below will show why I expect to stay there:

That there is Steam, running the one game I own – Torchlight (a fun role-playing game). On 64 bit Linux I could never get Steam working correctly. It installed easily here, with some minor graphical tweaks. [Steam is an online platform to purchase and play many games. It is not yet available for Linux users]

On 64 bit, I also had a serious (known) issue with Flash. In addition to the inability to run Hulu videos in a browser, I found that if I ran a video in the background, and changed to a new tab with a different website so I could read something and listen to the music, the video always would grey out after about 2 – 3 minutes. Literally. It just ended and only a grey box would remain. The way around this problem was to run youtube/Flash materials in a different browser than anything else I wanted to do.

Now I’m going to see whether TES 3, Morrowind, will run correctly – while it installed on 64 bit using Wine, I couldn’t get it to play. I’ll update this when I find out the answer.


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