Posted by: duskfire | February 23, 2011

Deal me in…

You have a few options for playing solitaire card games on Linux. The best 3 are AisleRiot, PysolFC, and KPatience. There are a couple of others but their graphics just aren’t as good. If you use KDE, the KDE games module will install KPatience for you. Each of them allows you many choices for card back pictures, and more versions of Solitaire than I knew existed. PySolFC is a fan updating of a cross platform solitaire program, PySol, which is written in the Python language (hence the name).




Along with solitaire, you also have 3 card games that are multiplayer – Hearts, LSkat, and Texas Hold’Em Poker. LSkat (Lieutenant Skat) is a KDE game that includes a full rulebook. Hearts is the standard version, show below:


PokerTH is a fairly complete version of poker that I plan to try out for a little while. After all, I won’t be losing real money!  The game lets you look for and connect to other internet games, start up your own, or just play against the computer. There is an entire community at to help you get started.

Texas Hold’Em Poker

The Ubuntu repositories also include a few helpful bridge utilities – a game playing engine (pybridge), a hand viewer/editor (tenace), a scoring application (salliere – plus a front end GUI, gsalliere), and “pescetti” which produces random hands inside the terminal. These seem to be accessible from the command line only; I didn’t see them in the menus.  Salliere looks fairly nice, and a good way to keep track of bridge scores.  Pybridge suffers from a syntax bug that seems to require Twisted Core 2.0 even if it’s installed. I’ll have to fix that before I can take a look at this program.  It does have a website and a wiki.


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