Posted by: duskfire | May 4, 2011

How did I break it ?

Okay, I don’t know just what I did, but Fedora is acting up (8 pm Wednesday night). Flash is sped up in some way – I can’t use Grooveshark, YouTube, or Hulu. The picture just flies by too quickly.  Also, somehow the sound is no longer directed to my headphones. Need to fiddle with the controls there, too.  Things were fine an hour ago. I just added a few games, and a few tools.

I’m not used to Fedora, and I know this is a beta version. I’ll be checking the forums to see if this has been covered yet. Hopefully I can figure out what needs to be done to fix it.

10 minutes later:

After a restart, and double-checking the sound settings, things seem to be fine. Turns out YouTube was muted and I hadn’t realized it. Seems to be working fine now. Hulu is also working. (sigh of relief). One of the sound settings for my headphones wasn’t correct but I got that fixed too.

Also – my comment about the Desktop folder in my Fedora review was pretty stupid – of course other desktops would be using it, it isn’t just for GNOME! A commenter pointed that out and I feel a bit foolish to have not realized that.



  1. Have you tried Gnat for flash? Good for basic stuff like youtube, bad for more advanced stuff. Also, Chrome has a built in flashplayer now.

    • Do you mean Gnash? Yes, I have tried it briefly. Probably should check it again soon.

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