Posted by: duskfire | June 18, 2011

Please don’t decide for me!

And now, a brief rant. I really, really don’t like it when a website thinks that it knows better than I do what I want to do. I go to a website while using Windows, see a game (or an application), and might want to play it or try it when I’m using Linux. Some websites, and today I’m talking about the Bamboo Dock, decide that nope, you don’t get to do what you want. See the screenshots below:

Bamboo Dock page on Windows

same page, on Linux

Now, mind you, I know that a lot of games and applications still might not run using Wine, or PlayOnLinux, but it would be more polite for a site to say “Hey I notice you aren’t running Windows – are you sure you want to download that because it might not work?” but let me download it anyway.

This problem is certainly not just the Bamboo Dock – 2 years ago, a friend told me about a puzzle game she got addicted to, I went to that site, and found the very same attitude: The download link wouldn’t work when I viewed the page from Linux.

This isn’t difficult to figure out – if you offer a game to download, and you bother to see what operating system the viewer is running, it is much more polite to still offer it, but have a warning. Assuming that nobody would want your game if they aren’t on Windows is either stupid or lazy.

(Please note that the Bamboo Wacom Tablet and stylus seem to work quite well on Linux Mint. You can use either GIMP or MyPaint to draw with, and you simply need to install a driver file named “xserver-xorg-input-wacom”  from the Ubuntu repositories.)


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