Posted by: duskfire | September 9, 2011

Older games on Linux

For this post I decided to discuss some games that are not dependent on KDE or GNOME (or Xfce either).  Most of these games are quite old, and the “x” in their name refers to the fact that they utilize the X Windowing system without needing too much more than that. There are more “x” games in the repositories, but the ones here are the best of the bunch.

Xboing – Features sound and adequate graphics. Listed in the Games menu (actually xboing 2). An lbreakout clone, and you move the paddle with your mouse.

Xbubble – This is Frozen Bubble with pretty good graphics! Options haven’t been implemented yet, but it still plays fine. I don’t know how many levels there are.

Xfrisk – This is a Risk game, and you need to run it in the terminal with “risk” command. Unfortunately, it crashes with an error about needing a font. So, no good. Possibly the regular Mint version, based on Ubuntu, won’t crash.

Xgammon – Backgammon with a very small board size. Not sure of how good the AI challenge is. You cannot change the window sizes.  Honestly, if you want to play or learn backgammon, gnubg is a much better option in every respect.

Xmahjongg – Listed in Games menu. Features decent graphics. According to the man page for it, you can select a different tileset or layout by running with options from the command line. I don’t see a timer for it, but the gold circles in the upper left tell you how many possible moves you still have.

Xmille – Mille Bournes, an old French card game about racing. Mediocre graphics but good if you like the game. Listed in the Games menu.

Xoids – Asteroids! Pretty good graphics. Listed in the Games menu. Controls are: Rshift to fire, enter to teleport, up arrow to move, left/right arrows to turn.

Xpat2 – A collection of solitaire card games. Must run from the terminal, it doesn’t show up on the Games menu. This collection seems to start a random version (out of the 16 possible) every time you run it.

Xscavenger – This is a Lode Runner clone (a platform game). It’s listed in the Games menu and features both a level editor and a graphics editor. Press the space bar when you first start the game to get a menu of choices.

Xscorch – A version of the famous Scorched Earth 2d game. Listed in the Games menu.

xshogi – Shogi is the Japanese form of chess, and is very popular there. This program installs “gnushogi” along with a graphical client – highly recommended if you know the game.

Xskat –  Skat, a card game from Germany.

Xsok – A Sokoban game with decent graphics. Fun puzzler, but needs to be run from the terminal. The challenge is to move all the yellow blocks to the yellow dotted areas in the fewest moves. If you are not careful, it is quite easy to get stuck and have to start over.

Xsoldier – Good game but small graphics, no options and a fixed window size. A Galaga clone that is good for hours of shoot em up fun. Use the left Shift button to fire.


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