Posted by: duskfire | November 3, 2011

Other Games in Fedora

While I’m waiting for Fedora 16 to be officially released, I thought I’d take a look at a number of interesting games in the Fedora repositories that I had not mentioned when using Linux Mint. These are all worth your time, and most are available for Ubuntu and Linux Mint. As usual, a (W) indicates games that have a Windows version.

Critical Mass – A vertical shoot-em-up. Plays in a window, but traps your mouse. Also available for Ubuntu.

Escape (W) – Interesting puzzle game with a short tutorial.You must figure out how to escape each level. Different colored blocks will aid you or get in the way. Click here for the home page. This doesn’t seem to be in Ubuntu’s repositories.

FreedroidRPG (W) – Top down role player featuring quests, and a level editor. The creators say you have about 10 hours worth of playtime so far. Click here for the home page. Also available for Ubuntu.

Hexglass – A twist on the usual Tetris clone, 10 different clumps of hexes that you maneuver into position. I’m not sure how hard it is, but if you like Tetris, you may find this is fun. Click here for the home page. Not available in the Ubuntu repository.

Maelstrom – a 3D version of Asteroids. Not bad, the graphics are nice, but the window can’t be resized. All controls can be reconfigured. Available for Ubuntu.

Magicor (W) – One of the old puzzle games for the NES was “Solomon’s Key”, and this game is very similar. You have to get through levels by creating and/or breaking ice blocks to put out fires. There are a few tutorial levels. This game will install the pygame files if you don’t already have them. Click here for the home page. Available for Ubuntu.

Naev  (W) – a space combat/trading game. There are tutorials for several aspects of play, so you only need to play the ones that you can’t figure out. Also available from Playdeb.  Click here for home page.

Pingus (W)- One of the best Lemmings clones. Your mission: to safely guide a certain number of penguins to the exit in each level. Each new level gives you new challenges and sometimes new abilities that you must give to your penguins so they make it out safely. Also available for Ubuntu. Click here for home page.

Quarry – A front-end to play 3 games (amazons, Go, and Reversi), it’s the only way at the moment that you play Go using the standard Fedora repositories, but it’s just you versus the GnuGo engine. There is no network play possible yet. This is available for Ubuntu.

Rafkill – a vertical shoot em up. Use your score to buy weapons, better defense, etc. Health and score points are dropped sometimes when killing enemies. Also available in the Ubuntu repositories.

Trackballs (W) – Use your mouse to navigate marbles through a perilous track. You have to dodge spikes, and avoid falling off edges. Available for Ubuntu. Home page is found here.

Urban Terror – First person shooter. Tutorial section introduces you to the controls and what you can do. Seems pretty fun. The first time it’s run, it will download the bulk of the game, which takes quite a long time (20 minutes). Home page is here.

World of Padman – Another first person shooter, less serious than Urban Terror. Like UT, the first time you play it will download the main game data, taking at least 15 minutes. This one can be played in a window, with several resolutions to select. Also available at Playdeb for Debian-based systems. Home page is here.

and I’ll end this overview with 3 LBreakout clones. All of these seem fun to play:

Linux Brickbuster 2 – the best one, excellent graphics. Available in Ubuntu as “LBreakout2”.

Ball Buster

TechnoballZ – Toggle fullscreen with “F”. Looks rather pretty. It seems that you can purchase items in between levels. Game creator says it has 50 levels plus 11 special levels. Apparently a port from the Amiga platform. Also available for Ubuntu.

Next week I will be doing a review of the brand new Fedora 16.


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