Posted by: duskfire | March 25, 2012

Three Twitter Clients

I’ve been deliberately avoiding all software that depends on GNOME 3 or KDE4 libraries for a few weeks, in order to see what else is out there.

Linux has 2 well-known micro-blogging clients, one for each of the main desktops. GNOME 3 has Gwibber, and KDE has Choqok. But what if you aren’t running KDE or GNOME?  Do you really have to pull in lots of extra libraries? No, actually you don’t.

In the world of Twitter, here are three you may not have heard of – Pino, Qwit, and Turpial. They are graphical, not command line, so don’t worry, you don’t have to open up a terminal if you don’t want to (but yes, there are command-line Twitter clients also). All of these support as well as Twitter.

Turpial  – This one looks extremely good. It’s written in Python, and has plenty of features. The one issue I have is there seems to be no secure sign-on capability. Here is their home page. It includes a feature list, download links, developer discussion section, and a credit page for the developers.

Pino – This one doesn’t seem to want to connect properly, I’m not sure why. Its features seem good but I didn’t see support for secure https sign-on. Here is the home page for the application.

Qwit – One of the things I like about Qwit is that when you add your account, it supports secure https sign-on, and using OAuth to verify your Twittter identity. There are all the usual features you’d expect in a Twitter client. Here is their home page.

So for me, it’s a tossup between Turpial and Qwit. Both are light weight and include pretty much anything you want to do, plus extra features (Turpial lets you “mute” specific Twitter feeds without needing to unfollow them). If Turpial supported secure https sign-on, it would be the best one overall. If the lack of that doesn’t bother you, it does have a few nice features lacking in Qwit.



  1. The main thing that sets twitter clients appear is their UI; Perhaps some screenshots or descriptions of their features would help?

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