Posted by: duskfire | April 2, 2012

Three fun games reviewed

Today I decided to look at the current versions of three well-known games on Linux: Supertuxkart, Supertux, and Secret Maryo Chronicles. All of them detected and let me use my Logitech wireless controller, which made playing them a lot easier than if I’d needed to use the keyboard. Each of these games let you set the window resolution or else play the game in fullscreen mode. All three of these have versions for Windows, and will provide many hours of fun. Check your repositories for them, and if you are running Linux Mint or Ubuntu, you will probably need to enable the “getdeb games” additional repository in order to have the most recent version.


The current version is 0.7.3 – This game features 20 tracks, half of which are locked at the beginning of the game. There’s a multi-player (hotseat) option, and the single player lets you add up to 19 computer-controlled karts in 3 levels of difficulty. You can choose one of 15 different drivers, most of which I recognize as mascots for various programs or operating systems. Also, there are extra addons (karts and tracks) which you can install from within the game menu screen. The website for Supertuxkart can be found here.

Unfortunately, although Supertuxkart noticed my controller, and I could set some of the keys, they didn’t all set properly. Both using the keyboard and using my controller, turning left or right just would not work. The few times that I’ve tried this game on Windows, it works fine. I have enjoyed playing the Gamecube version of Super Mario Kart and would really love to play Supertuxkart. But at the moment that just isn’t possible. Supertuxkart has had two different bugs in the last two years on Linux that prevent me from really playing it. (This was on Linux Mint – it’s possible that my controller would work fine on Fedora, and I plan to check that out in the future).

Supertuxkart is a fun game, and in spite of the difficulties I’ve had getting it to run, I recommend that you install it and give it a try. On Windows it works perfectly, and it’s likely that my issue on Linux is hardware/distro related and that it will work for you.


The current version is 0.3.3  – This game is probably the easiest of the ones I’m looking at today. By which I mean, it starts out fairly easy, and it isn’t until about Stage 5 that it gets pretty challenging. You have 9 enemies to dodge or stomp on, in 26 levels. There is music, and if you don’t like it, you can set your own to play. Both Supertux and Secret Maryo Chronicles have a timer, but rather than count down as in the Super Mario World games, it counts up. This means you can focus on getting through the levels first, and go back to improve your time on each level later. In Supertux, you collect gold coins to increase your score.

The website for Supertux includes screenshots, download links, a wiki, and a bug tracker. I strongly recommend playing this game.

Secret Maryo Chronicles

The current version is 1.9 – The graphics for this game are top notch, and the music is also good. This game is much harder than Supertux – I had trouble right in Stage 1. This game features 7 power ups, 10 enemies,  and quite a few levels. Just like Supertux, you will often find a “big maryo” powerup  after you get shrunk. In SMC, there are 2 different coins you have to collect in order to increase your score – regular yellow coins, and red ones that are worth 5 coins. Whenever you get 3,000 points in the game, you are allowed to spend them on a “save”, which will save your game no matter where you are. Secret Maryo Chronicles also features an in-game editor.

SMC has a website and a wiki. Many extra levels are provided by people in the game forums. Although it’s somewhat harder than Supertux, you should definitely try it out.




  1. If you are thirsting for more Super Tux and Secret Mario Chronicles, there are several good games just like them for Linux Mint at

  2. They are fun games. Have you tried NEVERBALL? It is quite amazing…

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