Posted by: duskfire | May 18, 2012

Upcoming plans

I mistakenly thought that both Mageia 2 and Fedora 17 were being released next week, and a few days ago discovered that no, only Mageia 2 will be released. So I will be installing and testing it on Tuesday the 22nd for several days. I had given it a try for a week when it was in late beta testing, and hadn’t found any issues.

I’ll install Fedora 17 a week later on May 29th. Fedora will be using GNOME 3.4 and KDE 4.8, and also features a new firewall daemon, the brand new GIMP 2.8, and the latest versions of your usual programming languages and tools.

Also upcoming very soon is Mint 13. The release candidate is out already, and I’m running it now just to play with MATE. Linux Mint is giving users 2 choices for the new release: MATE, which is a recreation of the now obsolete GNOME 2 desktop, and Cinnamon, which is Mint’s well-received GNOME 3 based desktop environment.

I know that in my review of Crunchbang, I said I would test out Waldorf, which is Crunchbang’s development version based on Debian testing. But I’m running into trouble installing from a USB stick. Therefore, I’ll let the developers work on it a bit more before I check it out. Some people in the forums have solved my issue, but I will just revisit Crunchbang later in the year.

Later in the summer (it looks like mid-June at the moment), I will be installing a basic Arch Linux system and doing a series of articles about my experiences with Arch. That promises to be a lot of fun! (As well as a learning experience).

OpenSUSE 12.2 is scheduled for a July 11th release, and I’ll revisit it also before the end of summer.

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