Posted by: duskfire | June 23, 2012

Linux RPG Playthroughs

Last year I discussed a number of role-playing games you could install for Linux without really going into detail on any of them. Now it’s time to fix that.

I have created a list that I will try to play through, which contains approximately 80 games (many more than my original discussion contained). This list is based upon the Linux Game Tome website, along with the Ubuntu repositories and the Playdeb website. I was going to use the Mobygames list, however it is far from comprehensive. There are a few other games on Desura I may add as well.

I’m only planning to play through the free single-player games that will run on Linux. They don’t have to be exclusive to Linux, but they do have to be primarily on it. I will be doing this in alphabetical order, unless I’m informed of a game I missed. There are quite a few rogue-likes that I enjoy, but I don’t plan to play through them – at least not with other games. They demand a different kind of style.

Later on, I will probably look at a few of the free MMORPG games – Stendhal, Crossfire, The Mana World, for instance – and see if any of them are fun to try even for a short time.


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