Posted by: duskfire | July 1, 2012


Balazar is a 3d game created by Jean-Baptiste Lamy. The website is here. He’s apparently also written Balazar 3, as well as the Balazar Brothers, which is more of a puzzle game.

I have been unable to get Balazar to run correctly on Mint 13, with or without hardware acceleration. The game window opens, the focus won’t stay on one menu choice, then when I start the game, the player character moves without my input. He’s on a bridge, and quickly falls off into oblivion. The graphics don’t look too bad but obviously at the current time, the game is unplayable. If anyone using Ubuntu has suggestions, I’d appreciate feedback so that I can try out this game. As it is now, it shouldn’t be in the repositories.

Balazar has been around for many years, there are comments at the Linux Game Tome about it since 2005. I’m somewhat surprised that the creator has not tried to ensure that it runs without issues on Debian-based systems. It really leaves a bad taste in people’s mouths. Why make a game and then never bother to fix the issues that prevent anyone from enjoying it?

Balazar 3 does work in its 2d version, but there are no indications of what keys do what. It doesn’t get a menu entry when you install from the repositories, either, which is not a good indicator of how much attention is paid to these games.


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