Posted by: duskfire | July 10, 2012


Egoboo is supposed to be an RPG, but it has issues. I’ve tried to run the version in the repository (2.7.7) both on Zorin and on Linux Mint, and it starts up full-screen and refuses to let me set any options. It also refuses to let me Quit from the main menu (the “sword” pointer won’t even reach that line!). I’m not willing to run it because it is quite sluggish. I noticed this when I mentioned it back in January and it hasn’t been fixed.

Ubuntu and the distributions that are based on it are by far the most common Linux versions being used. So there really is no excuse for a non-working version of any game being in the repositories. Either set the defaults properly so it runs even on low-end hardware, or print out a sane error message and quit gracefully.

Sorry but I’m totally not impressed. This is a stable game on Linux? I expect that if a game is in the repositories, the maintainer has ensured that it runs properly.

Egoboo’s main site features forums and downloads of a more recent version (2.8.1) for Windows and Linux. The Linux download is all source and expects you to compile it to get it running.

I know that the more recent game Soulfu, by the same developer (Aaron Bishop), will run properly from the repository installation (using GetDeb – it isn’t in the vanilla Ubuntu repositories). I’m looking forward to it.



  1. I’ve tried Egooboo on windows several times, and could never figure out how to advance past the first area. I was less then impressed.

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