Posted by: duskfire | July 17, 2012

FreeDink part 1

This game is the free version of Dink Smallwood, a game first created in 1997 by Seth Robinson. It gained a strong fan base, and was re-released for Windows and Linux in 2006 with several bug fixes. There have been many fan-made mods – you could call them unofficial DLC – that add brand new quests or storylines to the game. The fan site Dink Network has a large list of these D-mods, rated and reviewed. There are 7 pages full of them, and you can download and install them using the DFarc program that is in the Ubuntu repository (So it’s available for Ubuntu, Linux Mint, Zorin OS, and other Ubuntu-based distros). I am not sure what other distros carry this game in their repositories.

The sound in the game consists of a few classical music selections, and a few sound effects (when you heal up, when you swing your sword, etc).

I’m working my way through the game and here are some non-spoiler tips to help:

– don’t smash barrels when you are at full health. The hearts inside will heal you, and barrels don’t return.

– do not eat the pie on the table when you are at full health. It heals you a fair amount.

So far, the most annoying part is the very slow respawn of the pillbugs. They don’t give more than 10 xp each, and you need 200 xp from lvl 2 to 3.

The cave with the first real fight.

Once you get your first spell (Fireball), try it out on trees. You will find a few secrets. Also, some (bigger) monsters will drop gold. Check their spawn screens repeatedly to get the gold you will need to buy stuff, as well as decent experience.

My Aunt’s house.

After several hours of play, I have 2 spells and have opened up a blocked area to the north of the Goodheart Castle. I need to level up some (I’m almost level 5) and also buy a few health potions (called “elixers”) so I am strong enough to survive the fight that will complete the quest I am currently on, which is finding the daughter of one of the women in the town..



  1. So have you manage to kill your aunt’s husband?

    • I haven’t tried to yet. I’m level 5, he totally wiped me at level 4. Don’t worry, I’ll let you know what happens when I do.

  2. I also havn’t found the secret area you talked about, yet. I have seen a gate that has been locked by magic, but nothing more.

    • Have you been burning the dry trees? One specific tree type will burn up, sometimes revealing things. That’s what I meant by secrets.

  3. Whoohooo! Finally caught up.

  4. I’m Level five and i killed the husband, although I may have killed him at level four, He would get stuck I’d stand in their bedroom and hit him through the wall where he couldn’t hit me, Also all the way to The East of the map go as if you are going to the wizards home, then head down past the slime and burn the tree at the bottom right hand corner, a new section of the map will open up for you with a house, and all kinds of goodies lying around.

    I can not however find the secret entrance to the castle Plz Halp!

    • Ah, thank you – I missed that area before. I ended up killing the husband at level 5 also, using the same method you did. I haven’t yet found the entrance, I will post it once I do. I have a feeling you need to complete the goblin-related quest first. (EDIT: You have to help Windemere before being allowed entrance to the castle. Still not sure about any “secret” entrance though)

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