Posted by: duskfire | August 8, 2012

FreeDink part 2

Well, I successfully returned Nadine’s daughter Mary from the clutches of some cult.

In addition to the gold and experience, the main reward is that the grateful town removes the large rocks blocking your way west. After saving at the convenient machine that’s right in the middle of the road, spend a fair amount of time exploring, and leveling up. This is definitely one of those RPGs with hidden or partly hidden bonus items – life hearts (increase your maximum life bar), gold, or “megapotions” that increase all stats by one. It seems that every level takes roughly twice as much esperience as the previous one.

One thing has become clear – “boss” monsters get added to the mix later on in the game. I’ve encountered 2 examples so far.

Speaking of monsters, I totally forget to mention in my first post that all combat is in real time, and you will see all enemies on the map. However, if you kill enemies and then leave that screen for any reason, the enemy corpse and any gold it dropped will disappear. All you will gain in such cases is experience points. So be careful when you are near the screen edge and have killed monsters.

You’re going to need to learn “Bow Lore” before you can use the bow that one of the shopkeepers will sell you. Save up $1500 and go looking for a teacher. He isn’t in an obvious place.


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