Posted by: duskfire | September 3, 2012

Free Dink Part 3

It’s been awhile since my last update.  This game is one where you are blocked from new areas until you complete the current quest, meaning that you have to grind away trying to gain a couple of levels. That gets tedious after awhile, since the enemies must respawn. I have been focusing on magic when I get a point upon leveling, and I hope it hasn’t been a mistake.

In Kernsin, you’ll need to talk to the girl near the fountain, then the Mayor, before being able to enter the Goblin Sanctuary. I found that the first 4 guards can be dealt with one or two at a time, returning to town to heal (don’t use elixirs at this point, save them for fighting Chief Mog). Tip: BEFORE you kill the last guard, go to the right, to the next screen, and grab the 4 bouncing strength boosts. They will come in handy before you get to return here.

When Mog comes out, like all boss fights, you cannot leave the screen, so be ready. The 2 walkthroughs I found mention the need for a bow, but neglect to mention he will fall to enough fireballs. I ended up keeping my sword equipped, dodging him, and throwing fireballs till he died. This was because of what happened next… (hint: you don’t get to heal up before the next fight!)

After the fightThat wasn’t so bad. Once again, the main reward you actually get is…

another new area!

The next town is Windemere. This is actually south of your original tiny village and to the east of Terris, the town with the Castle in it. They have an….interesting problem for you to solve. Aside from their quest,  you’ll need 1,800 gold to upgrade your sword (assuming you sell the Longsword you are using now), and I recommend you also kill monsters until you have an additional 3,000 gold. That will get you another useful weapon, but in order to reach the seller you need to go to the Mayor’s house after the quest is finished, and follow the tunnel from his basement.

Do NOT buy elixirs in Windemere. They are four times more expensive than they are in Terris, and unless you like grinding, money is scarce in this game. There are a few secrets to find, and plenty of monsters for you to kill in the area. Just keep slogging away. When you think you’re ready (level 9 or 10), go see the king in the Castle in Terris:

He doesn’t seem fazed that I am swinging a sword close by…

I did try to reach the blue potion bouncing on the left table there, but invisible barriers prevented me from getting to it. I’m guessing that will change once I help the King out. But in the meantime, he sent 2 knights to make sure I can reach the Darklands and discover whether Milder is still alive. (Remember him? From your home village?)

The first new enemy in Darklands are strong giants that resemble golems to me. They hit hard. Does Dink survive? With difficulty and another level or two, most likely.



  1. That wasn’t so bad. Once again, the main reward you actually get is…

    And then nothing. Did you miss something, or did I?

    • In one of the previous postings I pointed out that your “reward” always includes unblocking the way to the next town. What I was trying to imply was that the bridge got fixed. I realize now that if you hadn’t played the game, you would NOT KNOW the bridge was broken and that you weren’t able to get to that town earlier.

      • Oh, I thought it had something to do with not being able to heal between parts 1 and 2 of the boss fight. For example, that the reward was another boss to fight.

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