Posted by: duskfire | April 23, 2014

Finally coming back

Yes, it has been much, much longer than I expected since my last post. I really haven’t done as much as I should on Linux lately.

I was playing Path of Exile on Windows for a few weeks. It’s a pretty good game with a few minor flaws but I ended up becoming frustrated with the quick rate of mob and map respawn. If you forget to make a portal close to where you die, returning through several map areas is an exercise in futility; the map is likely to be completely randomized again with all mobs having respawned. I know my character  builds weren’t very good, but I can handle repeatedly dying at a boss. Having to fight my way back again through 2 or 3 huge areas, taking half an hour just to get close to where I last died….makes the game no longer fun at all.

Currently I have started to play Skyrim again after 2 years away. It seems just as much fun as it was then. I am still using Windows 8 on my main laptop, but Skyrim is one of those games that runs perfectly well using wine and the Windows version of Steam.

The last week of March, I once again attempted to get DBGL running on a 64 bit Linux system, and this time it worked. DBGL is my favorite front-end to the awesome DOSBox program. It requires Java, and a few sdl libraries if you are on Linux, but I’ve never had trouble finding them in the repositories. The 64-bit version seems to run just fine, I’m not sure why there was a problem with it the last time I tried.

I’ve finally started creating a blogging schedule for the next few months, which will aid me in getting back to a regular posting schedule. I also decided to tweak my reviewing standards. Many of my reviews seem a little short. I’m going to try to put more details into each one while keeping the same overall set of headings.

I am running Xubuntu 14.04 on my secondary laptop, and will put up a review fairly soon. More reviews are definitely planned for the future.


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