Posted by: duskfire | May 2, 2014

Goodbye, Windows 8

So I unintentionally installed Ubuntu 14.04 on my entire hard drive last Monday night. What I had wanted to do was to replace the Linux Mint 16 partition with Ubuntu, leaving Windows 8 in place. Didn’t quite work out that way.

I accept part of the blame, but I think Ubuntu’s installer could be a bit clearer. The install routine from Kubuntu (and Mint KDE) shows off a partition table with “before” and “after”, prior to you committing to the install. This very useful feature is lacking in the main Ubuntu install routine (and Linux Mint’s as well).


I actually was intending to get rid of Windows 8, but kept putting it off. You could argue that my subconscious did what was necessary….

On top of that, Murphy’s Law showed up. It turns out that there is some problem with the driver for my brand of wireless card (Realtek 8188E). There have been instability issues in the past and apparently they have returned. With the newest versions of both Kubuntu and Ubuntu, my wi-fi signal is lost after approximately 15 minutes. Knowing that I had had Linux Mint 16 on for over 4 months with no problem, I re-installed it and am using it instead…KDE edition of course. Because I’ve never denied that I’m a KDE fanboy. 😀

So now what? Well in pretty much every area other than gaming, I know I won’t have any problems staying on Linux. In weeks to come I’ll be looking at games that I have enjoyed in the past to see what works and what does not.

I’ve installed DOSBox with the DBGL front-end that I love, a few emulators for classic consoles, and PlayOnLinux.  I have a feeling that certain games will work better with Crossover (from Codeweavers) than with PlayOnLinux, but I guess I will find out soon enough by installing them. There’s also UnNethack and Nethack4 (which I need to compile).

There are several games that I would like to get working on my system: TERA Rising, League of Legends, Star Wars The Old Republic, and a few others. I have found videos showing that each of these can be run using either Crossover or PlayOnLinux, but whether they will be easy for me to do the same is something that only trial and error will determine.

PlayOnLinux has several other MMORPGs listed that I have heard of, and I will need to check them out. They also list Path of Exile, so I’m eager to see how well that runs.

I am also still working on a Xubuntu 14.04 review. It’s good, but nothing flashy. It’s a perfectly fine operating system, but I just am not excited about it.



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