Posted by: duskfire | May 7, 2014

Gaming on Linux 2014 – part one

I spent quite a few hours this weekend checking out which Windows games would run well under Linux. My laptop is a 2013 HP Pavilion 17 Notebook, 17″ with 8 GB of RAM, a Radeon HD 8650G graphics card, running Linux Mint 16, 64-bit KDE edition.


Running Steam (for Windows) under Crossover Linux 13.12 is very good. I have been able to run Civilization 5: Brave New World, Skyrim, Simcity 4 (a much older game), and several others with no real issues. Those games both run and exit “cleanly”. In the past, only Final Fantasy 7 refused to even run, and most of the Steam games in my catalog will at least run well. There are a few games where the desktop resolution stays at the lower one that the game was running on after I end it (what I call “exiting uncleanly”) or there will be a square box smaller than the actual desktop that the mouse gets trapped inside of after quitting the game, and you must re-boot (a very annoying thing to do).

PlayOnLinux is another excellent means by which you can play older games. As I have mentioned in the past, many scripts have been written to ease the installation of Windows games from the late 90s and early to mid 2000s. Many of the Good Old Games’ games have scripts, and installing and running them is simple and painless.

I attempted to run TERA Rising Online, and Path of Exile – both under PlayOnLinux. They each installed fine, but Path of Exile wouldn’t bring up the login screen, and TERA, although technically running, has some graphical glitches, and lag that currently makes it unplayable for me.

Path of Exile running - for the time being - in Linux

Path of Exile running – for the time being – in Linux

Under Steam, Neverwinter Nights installed but didn’t want to show the login screen either. Path of Exile does run as you see in the picture above, but the graphics options show a non-changeable “ATI Radeon HD 2700” which is a much lower quality card than I am actually using. The game did play, but crashed twice, both times when lots of effects were on-screen.

My experience so far seems to point to, at least for me, most MMORPGs being just unplayable, but most single-player games are definitely quite playable.

I’ll be continuing to look at MMORPGs and other recent single player games in upcoming posts.


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