Posted by: duskfire | May 17, 2014

Current projects

As of the third week of May, there are a number of things that I want to do:

1. I installed PCLinuxOS on my older laptop, and I have been using it for several days and working on a review. Since I have to work this weekend, I don’t expect to post a review until mid-week. I’m going to look at both the main KDE Full edition and the KDE MiniMe edition. I had originally planned to check out MiniMe in a virtual machine, however I can’t get Oracle’s VirtualBox to run Linux distributions (or install them) for some reason. I’m probably going to end up installing it over the Full edition after finishing my initial review, and writing a “page 2” second review.

2. I found 2 library books on beginning C programming that I am reading. Both use my favorite Integrated Development Environment, Code::Blocks, which is good encouragement for me to work on the exercises. I’m trying to spend at least a little time working on C programming with the aid of those books.

3. Since I have made the decision to keep my main laptop on Linux Mint for the long term, and to not use it to review new Linux distributions, I can install and play around with programs that I’m curious about such as the Hydrogen drum machine and the lmms music creation software. As time permits I might also try to work with more of the KDE-specific applications like Krita and Calligra Words that I really haven’t taken a good look at before.

4. PlayOnLinux seems to be having a sound problem in some games, notably with voices. I am unsure what is causing this but will try to fix it. This is a fairly new bug (or a setting mistake on my part), I don’t recall having any problems 2 months ago.

5. A two-part article recently appeared discussing how to install Arch Linux. I’m still curious about this distribution and am seriously considering the idea of putting it onto my older laptop when I’m finished reviewing PCLinuxOS.

6. Another option is to try once more to complete a Linux From Scratch setup. I first worked on LFS about 2 years ago and only wrote 2 articles, not getting very far into the creation of an fully functional LFS system. The stable version of LFS is now 7.5 and I definitely want to have a working LFS system as an accomplishment.

7. Two of my early blogging posts were very brief discussions of 7 first-person shooters. These days it seems like there are a dozen of these games in the repositories (and PlayDeb), with a possible 2 more in the near future. I hope to write up a 3 part series looking at the current state of FPS games native to Linux, and giving each game a lot more space than the brief paragraphs that I had back in the past.

8. Linux Mint 17’s Release Candidate is now available. In addition to the many cool improvements to the distribution itself, this is the start of a new release plan – it seems that 17 will be supported for 5 years, like any LTS release, but also will have 3 “point” releases prior to 2016. So there won’t be a Mint 18 this November/December – it will be 17.1 instead. The developers are hoping this will allow them to focus more on their own technology (like LMDE, Cinnamon, MATE, and the various Mint specific utilities). All in all, it sounds like a great idea and I totally support it. I’m already tempted to install this on my main laptop to replace Mint 16, but I probably will not, simply because there’s only about 2 more weeks to wait for the full release, and Mint 16 is working just perfectly for me. TERA Online actually runs now, albeit quite sluggishly.


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