Posted by: duskfire | May 28, 2014

Plans for June

I am working on a review of the latest Pinguy OS, a Linux distro that I haven’t taken a look at before. Planning to put that post up on Sunday.  My main project for this coming weekend is to install Linux Mint 17 onto this main laptop – assuming that it gets released on schedule.  This is an HP Pavilion 17 from last year, with 700 GB hard disk, 8 GB of RAM, and an ATI Radeon 8650G graphics card. That’s not the very best, but certainly respectable, and it hasn’t had any problem playing the games I love.

I will make sure my bookmarks and important files are backed up this time, of course. I also need to have information on overcoming a potential wireless issue, just in case it crops up again – When I initially installed Ubuntu 14.04 on this machine, the wireless connection kept dropping after periods of 10 to 15 minutes of use. Then, when I tried Kubuntu, the same problem re-appeared. Now, I can’t be certain that it will show up after installing Linux Mint, but it is best to be prepared.

Linux Mint 17 is an LTS release, and they plan to support it for 5 years. This is great news – there are a few long-term projects that I’d like to work on, and keeping the same OS around for a long time is a necessity to get them done. One such project is a second attempt to learn Linux From Scratch. Awhile back, I had put up two posts about my work with LFS, but unfortunately abandoned the project way too early.

There’s also my plans to review and compare the current releases of FPS games for Linux, as well as other games native to Linux.


I have been using Oracle’s Virtualbox to get an idea of what various Linux distros look and feel like, in order to decide which ones I should install onto my older laptop for review. I was surprised to find that, at least for the 64-bit version of VB, PCLinuxOS and Slackel seem to boot up, but then fail to display. Could be a problem with VB and a pae setting, but I’ll have to do more research to be certain.


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