Posted by: duskfire | June 2, 2014

Update on Linux Mint 17

I actually think I have overcome the issue that I was having with losing wifi connection!

Earlier I had considered installing an older kernel (the 3.11 series that is in LMDE seemed a good bet), but I ended up installing the latest one instead. My problems with losing wifi were with 3.13.0-24, and I found out in the Update Manager that 3.13.0-27 was available. I installed it, rebooted, and that was last night. Haven’t lost connection over a 6 hour period.

So last night I installed TERA Online (using Crossover Linux instead of PlayonLinux). I am going to try it on Crossover because it really lagged on PoL and I want to see if there is a difference. I also added PlayOnLinux and DBGL to the mix, since I can use Mint 17 once again. Also, looks like I could be writing a review for Mint 17 after all.

Of course, right now I only have about 350 GB available on each system. I only installed LMDE alongside Mint 17 in order to have a Mint that could stay connected. LMDE is a decent distro but I much prefer using the main edition.

One of the other things I was doing today was once again trying to decide what distributions I wanted to review. I’m slightly astonished to see that there a few that are available only in a 64-bit edition! Sabayon, for instance, as well as Chakra and KaOS, 2 pure KDE distros.

What I think I may do now is install one of them to replace LMDE so that I can review it. I already wrote down which partitions on my /dev/sda drive are dedicated to LMDE and its swap, so if I replace it I will know where to target on the drive.



  1. I recently installed Bluestar Linux. I discovered it because it was featured at Sourceforge. It’s also using KDE. I installed the desktop version because the other two versions contain too much software progs. I was used to Pinguy OS but I like Bluestar even better. It’s based on Arch Linux. I got a lot of help from the developer at this Facebook page.

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