Posted by: duskfire | August 30, 2014

Gaming on Linux 2014 – Part Two

I’ve been slacking off, sorry!



I figure I should put up a quick post to get back into the habit. I’ve been running Mint 17 (KDE edition) on my main laptop as soon as it was released. I haven’t had any serious issues so far. There’s occasional loss of my wireless connection, but that seems to be a kernel problem, and either jumping to the latest kernel or waiting a while and attempting to reconnect have solved the problem every time.

For some reason, the 13.1.2 version of Crossover Linux will not install due to unknown dependencies missing. It was fine on Mint 16. Thanks to PlayOnLinux, this hasn’t been a terrible problem, but I should get back to figuring out how to install it soon.

I used this article  to install the most recent version of PlayonLinux (4.2.4) from their PPA. The exact commands might not work if you’re reading this months after August 2014.

At the moment, I have the following games installed and running fine:

Diablo 2, Banished, Baldur’s Gate, Master of Orion 1 and 2, Torchlight, and Darklands.

I had a few other old games too, but uninstalled them because I wasn’t playing them very much. I can tell you that nearly every game from has an install script in PlayOnLinux and they work fine. I also recently put Steam for Linux back on the laptop, to play Crusader Kings or Civilization V when I get around to re-installing them.

There are native games in the repositories that I either haven’t tried at all yet (e.g. 7 Kingdoms: Ancient Adversaries) or haven’t checked out in several years. I’ll have to create a schedule so I have a good list of games to blog about.

I also have been playing a lot of Nethack (pretty much just the Nethack4 variant), and some Angband and Sil (an Angband variant).

What all of this means is, that from a practical point of view, I can already play so many great games that I enjoy, that it really does not bother me that there are other newer games that don’t run well on Linux yet. Nobody has the time to play everything, after all.


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