Posted by: duskfire | January 31, 2016

Coming back to the blog

Yeah, it has been well over a year since I last had anything to say here. That was because I have been using Windows 10 for quite awhile, and wasn’t really testing any distributions on my older laptop.  There are still a few new games that wouldn’t run on Linux and I switched over because my wife was playing them, Trove being the main one. I was also playing Star Wars: The Old Republic, and although I knew some people were running it on Linux I didn’t want to take a chance that I would not be able to.

Falling out of the habit of blogging is pretty easy – getting back into doing it is not so simple. The final item that really provided the push was a comment yesterday on an old article of mine, saying that a game I reviewed 5 years ago, MegaGlest, has a new release. MegaGlest is a cross-platform real-time strategy game.

I decided to install the Windows version and take a look at what it is like lately. That will be one of my next posts (in a few days). In addition, I am at a good point right now to re-install Linux on my primary laptop and use it exclusively. I am on a hiatus from all the games that don’t work on it, and I do miss using it. I intend to install Linux Mint 17.3 KDE edition, since that has always been my favorite distribution.

It has been several years since I looked at the best games in all genres that run on Linux, so MegaGlest will be only the first of many that I will take another look at, to see how they have improved.

There have been a few changes in the Linux distribution community since I last reviewed some – quite a few more distributions no longer offer a 32-bit edition, and until I dual-boot my main laptop that means the first few distro reviews I do will have to be on my older machine. I have been updating the list I maintain of distributions that I would like to review, and will discuss them soon.



  1. Welcome back.

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