Posted by: duskfire | February 7, 2016

Getting (re) started

I have been slowly installing a number of games and software onto my laptop now that I re-installed Linux (Mint 17.3 KDE). Of course, PlayonLinux was first, along with Crossover Linux. There are really only 2 games right now that I was hoping to get running again – Star Wars: The Old Republic and Path of Exile. It turns out that Path of Exile seems to run pretty much the same as it does on Windows 10, with some very minor graphics bugs (nothing that affects gameplay).[2/13/16 – The “graphics bugs” were due to not using the proprietary flgrx graphics driver. They have gone away once I installed it in place of the open-source one]

My laptop uses an AMD Radeon card, and Path of Exile tends to really heat it up – both on Windows AND Linux. But it runs quite well and I anticipate many hours of play while I endeavor to finally get a character to the final Act. I had stopped playing a year ago because, while PoE is an excellent game, it really expects you to know where to put your skill points. I got stuck in Act 3 (before there was an Act 4) with a sub-optimal build and just stopped playing because I kept dying in a cathedral area and wasn’t sure how to get past the one boss there.

Path of Exile runs fine so far

Path of Exile runs fine so far

There are also many DOS games I enjoy which run perfectly using the DBGL Dosbox launcher, and I have a number of GOG classics that install easily via PlayOnLinux.

As I mentioned last week, I do plan to look at the latest versions of games intended for Linux such as some cross-platform FPS titles, MegaGlest, and others. I also will probably install another distro on my older Gateway to review.



  1. Nice blog duskfire. You have given me a long list of things to try out!

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