Posted by: duskfire | February 13, 2016

The software I usually install

Before I spend the rest of the year talking about games I enjoy on Linux, I wanted to discuss the non-entertainment applications that I almost always install on whatever laptop becomes my primary machine. When I’m using Linux every day, the distribution I prefer is Linux Mint. That has been the case for many years now. It is based mostly on Ubuntu, with a few home-grown changes, which means it effectively has support from two distributions (Mint and Ubuntu), and has Debian as a base which means the “app store” is one of the biggest in the Linux community. This repository is the central location to get nearly all the programs you use every day, as well as many (or most) games that you would want to play.

I also strongly prefer to use the KDE desktop. I have tried most of the others, and can deal with each of them, but I got my start with Linux via Mandrake Linux, using KDE 3, and have loved it ever since.


I don’t do a lot of programming, but I always make sure to install the following:

KDevelop  — I haven’t written any KDE software yet, but if I want to, this is where I’d work from.

Qt Creator  ––  another IDE

Code::Blocks  — Over the last few years I found I really like the way C::B is laid out and helps you write C and C++.

Idle3  — to help me when I want to work with Python.

I haven’t really settled on a version control system yet, because I haven’t done enough programming to really know my preference.


Abiword  – for a lighter word processor

Calligra Suite  – this is the KDE-based alternative to Libre Office.



Calibre  – an ebook reader and format converter

Hydrogen  – a drum machine I like to fiddle with

lmms – Linux Multimedia studio

Inkscape – a vector graphics drawing program

Krita (part of the Calligra Suite) – a drawing, sketching, and painting program

Karbon – another vector graphics drawing program, also part of Calligra


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