Posted by: duskfire | January 22, 2017

State of Gaming on Linux

As 2017 gets underway, I think it would be useful to go over the current state of gaming potential while using Linux as your primary or exclusive home OS.

Steam and are two of the most well-known and respected online stores to purchase high quality games from. Each site has hundreds of games that can be directly installed on Linux, without needing to use wine or one of its easier-to-use wrapper appications (Crossover and PlayOnLinux). Most of these games are well-known, and cover all of the genres in gaming. You can get classic games from the 90s, or brand-new games from AAA publishers and indie ones. It is simply no longer the case that using Linux severely limits your game choices – no, what I have found the last few months is that the limitation, just like on Windows, is your graphics card!

I have so many games, probably more than I can become good at this year, but the newest ones strain my AMD graphics card. I run them in a window, but for the first time in years, I need to plan ahead and get a much better laptop with an above average card (Nvidia most likely).

screenshot-from-2017-01-08-18-05-13Some of those are being run through Crossover or PlayOnLinux, and there are a few that aren’t in this picture, such as Crusader Kings 2 and Rimworld, but obviously I am not hurting for games to occupy my spare time.

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