Posted by: duskfire | February 28, 2016

Adjustments to my reviewing plans

I just discarded a draft of a review I started for Korora 23. NOT because I don’t want to review Korora Linux – it looks like a fine system – but because it was the KDE version…which on my very old laptop is not doing well (Plasma 5 is the issue, not Korora itself.).

I have reluctantly come to realize that the Gateway on which I have been doing reviews for some time…is no longer suitable to review GNOME or KDE based distributions. It has only 2 GB of RAM and is over 8 years old. It still runs fine, but honestly, no one with a laptop that old ought to be using KDE or GNOME as their day-to-day desktop environment.

In light of this, I am revising the list I made of Linux distributions that I was planning to review. At some point in the future I will partition my primary laptop and review some 64-bit distributions, with either KDE or GNOME as the desktop, but all future reviews on the Gateway (which have to be 32-bit editions anyway!) will be of Linux distributions that offer a lightweight option as the primary desktop, or one of the main choices to install. These would include Xfce, LXDE, OpenBox, Enlightenment, or MATE.

My immediate plan is to re-install Korora using the Xfce edition and do a review that hopefully will be ready by next week. Then I will schedule reviews of some more distributions; some may be well known and some will be relatively unknown. This is a good thing 🙂 Everyone does reviews of the popular distros – Manjaro, Fedora, Ubuntu, Mint, Debian  – but what about Lubuntu, elementary, Salix, or ArchBang?

I hope to provide many useful reviews of lightweight distributions over the next year or so.


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